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Admissions in LAAT

Although admissions processes are currently devolved down to the Local Academy Committee at each Academy, the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust is its own Admissions Authority.  As the OAA, the Trust determines the admissions arrangements for all academies within the Trust.

It is a requirement of the school admissions code that the OAA publish their arrangements of their website.

Admissions arrangements for each LAAT Academy can be found on their websites Our academies – LAAT (
How to Apply:

For North Lincs you can contact the School Admissions Team on 01724 297000 or

For Lincolnshire County Council – Admissions please contact

For NE Lincs – Apply online via the Citizen Portal- external site  – You will need an active email address to register an account and make your application. 


For more information on admissions,  contact 

North LincsApply for a school place in North Lincolnshire – North Lincolnshire Council (

Lincolnshire County CouncilSchool admissions – Lincolnshire County Council

NE Lincs – Apply for a school place – NELC | NELC (