be a school

We’re changing how we do things!

We want to give local governors in our schools the freedom to do what’s important for the pupils and the community. We now run Academy Committees and to become a governor on one of them you won’t need to be an expert in finance or education or data – we have a central team of experts who do this.

Your role is to:

  • Have a passion for making sure that the experience of the pupils is the very best it can be

  • Ensure ALL pupils’ experience at school is positive and transforming

  • Protect the vision and values

  • Protect the school’s uniqueness – a school meeting the needs of its unique community

  • Believe that the school should sit at the heart of the community and the community at the heart of the school and know how to translate this belief into actions for your school

  • Ensure safeguarding is central to the work of the school. You will be responsible for keeping up to date with all training provided by the Trust

  • Make links between the school and community including the church community (in the case of church schools)

  • Be free for at least four meetings a year and to visit the school in between

  • Sign up to the interdependence that runs between schools in LAAT

  • Be able to be professionally confidential around governor matters

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