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be part of something bigger: the benefits of joining a LAAT school for your child

There are many benefits of school becoming an academy and joining a Multi Academy Trust (see below). LAAT is a thriving and growing Multi Academy Trust, we are a team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring every child flourishes at school. We never lose sight of our end game, delivering the best education possible for each child. 

Yes, we deliver lots of back office support and advice, and we facilitate an enormous amount of staff training and development but we do it so that the teaching and learning at each school is the best that it can be.

We have a team of School Effectiveness Advisers (SEAs) who work with Head Teachers to drive improvement and progress. We visit schools regularly to monitor progress and offer support where required. We run LAAT Headteacher Development days where we share good practice, discuss staff development, pupil attainment, engage in specialist workshops or presentations and where Head Teachers from different schools can share experiences and ideas. 


the Benefits of being part of LAAT

A thriving and growing Multi Academy Trust, the LAAT can offer the strong infrastructure for school improvement which is essential to delivering excellent outcomes for pupils. At the core of this infrastructure is a hub model which enables schools to work closely together to address key priorities innovatively using the expertise that exists within and beyond the hub.

  • Schools support and challenge each other resulting in a consistent drive to improve pupil outcomes.

  • High quality external CPD for staff, not previously affordable for individual schools, is accessible within hubs as they are able to share costs.

  • Access to LAAT School Effectiveness Advisers’ knowledge of where best practice exists.

  • Schools work together on shared priorities whilst continuing to reach out to other external networks such as teaching school alliances and collaborative partnerships.

  • Schools work openly, honestly and generously with each other, sharing best practice as well as concerns, to provide the very best education for all pupils in LAAT.

  • More flexible staffing structure across the hubs and multiple schools, e.g. SENDCos, Business and Operation Partners, Site Managers etc.

Some experts believe that converting to academy status can drive up a school’s performance levels. There are a few reasons for this, including the higher salaries academies can choose to pay teaching staff, which means they’re more likely to attract the best candidates.

Academies have more flexibility on what to teach – teachers are free to deviate from the national curriculum and can adjust lessons to the particular needs or interests of a class.

Academies are encouraged to collaborate with each other in a chain or partnership. This could help them share the best way of doing things and ultimately drive up standards together. 

Figures suggest that the budget available for academy schools can be up to 10% higher than state schools. The reason for this is that academies have access to money the local authority holds back for things like special needs support for schools throughout the school borough.

“We genuinely believe that together we can do so much more than we can do alone”