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There are many benefits of a school becoming an academy and joining a Multi Academy Trust (see below). LAAT is a thriving and growing Multi Academy Trust, we are a team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring every child flourishes at school. We never lose sight of our end game, delivering the best education possible for each child. 

Being part of a Multi Academy Trust offers a school a number of benefits including:

  • Raising student attainment

  • Sharing the burden of business operations

  • Centralising decision making

  • Gaining strong, professional leadership

Why choose LAAT?

  • To improve teaching and learning

  • To be part of something bigger

  • To strengthen and develop leadership

  • To work collectively in order to deliver excellence

  • To benefit from talent management and high quality professional development

  • As a mechanism to share resources, best practise, expertise

  • As a vehicle to support other schools

  • To further develop governance

  • To meet business management needs to allow the school to concentrate on teaching and learning

  • To be able to contribute strategically to a larger organisation

  • To deal with underperformance when it arises

However to make the relationship really work you have to find the ‘right’ MAT for your school; a MAT that reflects your school’s own values and vision and with a ‘plan for the future’ that fits your own. At LAAT we are passionate about our school community, we are committed to ensuring that every child receives the best education possible. We value the individuality of each of our school’s and seek to use our combined strength to improve, support, and challenge each one.  

We deliver lots of back office support and advice, and we facilitate an enormous amount of staff training and development but we do it so that the teaching and learning at each school is the best that it can be.

We have a team of School Effectiveness Advisers (SEAs) who work with Head Teachers to drive improvement and progress. We visit schools regularly to monitor progress and offer support where required. We run LAAT Headteacher Development days where we share good practice, discuss staff development, pupil attainment, engage in specialist workshops or presentations and where Head Teachers from different schools can share experiences and ideas. 

“We genuinely believe that together we can do so much more than we can do alone”


LAAT is 10 this year, part of the transformational journey of church education. And we couldn’t be prouder of all we’ve achieved so far and all we continue to achieve. This Strategic Report  looks back on the successes of the last year and outlines our strategy for success in the coming year.

“I felt very supported and was given excellent professional development opportunities. The school was supported with a School Advisor which was great to ensure you were on the right track”

Alison Flack, Executive Head Teacher Whaplode Primary School, Weston St Mary Primary School and Edenham Primary School