Chief Inspector of Ofsted says William Lovell has an ‘inclusive and aspirational ethos’

William Lovell is a school that is on an exciting journey of change. His Majesty’s Chief Inspector commended the school, “It is clear from the report that you and your team have made significant improvements since the school was last inspected. I am delighted to read about how effectively pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain. It is evident that you and your team have created an inclusive and aspirational ethos, which will support your continued improvement in the quality of education.”  The school’s ambitious leaders describe a journey of transformation and growth. “Everyone is valued within our school. We empower and challenge all, constructively building one another up, to enable everyone to become the best version of themselves and have the widest possible life choices,” says headteacher Mr Hutton.

In its most recent judgement of William Lovell C of E school, Ofsted recognises that “the school has improved rapidly” and “has worked hard to develop the curriculum to meet the needs of all”. Together with the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, the leadership team has made significant improvements in all of the four inspection areas, with three, namely Behaviour and attitudes, Personal Development, and Leadership and Management, being graded Good for the first time in a decade.

This positive shift has been echoed by the recent SIAMS report which acknowledged the improved student behaviour, stating that “Inspired by the example of William Lovell, lives are enriched through a growing culture of nurture and care. This enhances relationships, impacting positively on behaviour.”

The school is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, and has drawn on the ‘unconditional positive regard’ approach, a philosophy that revolves around offering unconditional acceptance to students, irrespective of their accomplishments or missteps. By removing the fear of failure, students are more inclined to tackle challenges head-on, leading to improved academic performance and a deeper commitment to their studies. To further promote positive behaviour, the school has implemented systems of restorative justice, rooted in values such as forgiveness. This encourages students to make constructive choices and learn from their experiences. Central to the school’s inclusive approach is the Wellbeing Team, who work tirelessly to support students within and beyond our community.  

Additionally, the decision to rename heads of year as ‘Aspirational Leads’ underscores the school’s commitment to fostering ambition among its student body. This shift in terminology serves as a constant reminder of the importance of striving for excellence, both inside and outside the classroom.

The school’s commitment to inclusivity is borne out by its achievement of the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s “United Against Bullying” Silver award and the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Inclusion Badge from the Diana Award, whose inspector commented, “Your dedication to making sure the whole school community can get involved in all of your actions – in particular, this really impressed me when I was marking your application!” 

As William Lovell Church of England Academy continues its journey of transformation, its leaders remain committed to creating an inclusive and aspirational environment where every student can thrive. It is this positivity that is causing more and more parents/carers to select the school for their child, resulting in a growing demand for dynamic and dedicated teachers. To address this need, LAAT will be hosting a recruitment fair at the school on 18 April at William Lovell for prospective educators to explore exciting opportunities. To find out more about the event contact