Christmas message from Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO of LAAT

So, it’s a difficult year to think about the Christmas message of peace on earth. Working in a Christian organisation doesn’t make the ‘big questions’ about suffering and war and pain any easier. It’s been a really tough year, again – but it is Christmas and there is peace to be found, so I thought that I’d share this with you (hang on in till the end!).


This is the season of peace on earth

As the refugees drown

No one counting their worth.

The time of goodwill

And God come to earth

As the bombs and the hatred chase round the earth’s girth.

This is the time of Santa and sleigh bells

Drowning the sounds out of hunger and death knells

Of hospitals packed and destruction and fear

How can we say peace is with us this year?

But there, in the meeting of God and of Man

Find your peace in the heart of what makes you human

Individual time to pause and reflect

A moment to ponder the piece of world which you get.

The peace within one, when shared, becomes two

And works round the room and the house and the school

And creeps down the alleys, the paths and the street

And across human boundaries more people to reach.

So, take it this Christmas

The peace which is offered

And know as you share it the power of it proffered.



Have the most wonderful Christmas, however you choose or have to spend it. May you find refreshment, fun, family, friends and, most of all, peace. God bless and a Happy Christmas from me, the directors and all in the central team.