LAAT are proud to support Lincolnshire County Council’s Covid Teen Heroes campaign, which aims to celebrate teenagers and young people making the right choices during the Covid 19 crisis. The message from LCC including details of how to get involved in the campaign is below:

‘We are looking to launch a positive social media campaign to celebrate teenagers making the right choices during this crisis. We think this is important for three reasons: first, to actively promote the behaviour we want to see; second, to change any negative public perceptions towards our teenagers; third, to acknowledge that social distancing measures are more difficult for adolescents than others because of their developmental stage.

We are asking schools, through virtual collaboration with families, to send in photographs of teenagers doing the right thing, with captions along the lines of:

‘Say Hi to Adam from (name of school). He used to hang out in the park but now he’s using that time to cook healthy meals for his family!’


‘This is Charlotte, student at (name of school). She Facetimes her Granddad every night. It’s the highlight of his day!’

If we can’t use all of the images we receive, we are confident that many of you will want to contribute to this campaign through your own social media platforms.

Pictures and captions to Ethan.Thorpe@lincolnshire.gov.uk and Elizabeth.Fish@lincolnshire.gov.uk . If you don’t already have parental consent to use pictures of young people for publicity purposes, a form is attached.

Many thanks for your support in helping our young people to Stay Home and Save Lives.’