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Due Diligence

We know that the decision for schools to academise is complex and multi-faceted, often taking months of careful explorations and considerations.  This is one of the most important decisions you will be making for your school and community, possibly in the history of the school, and so it is crucial for all parties to ask the right questions in order to enter into this new partnership – a ‘marriage’ – with all of the information required.  You will want to explore your own areas of interest, which may include Trust ethos, support for education, professional development for staff, safeguarding and finance for example and we will also want to do the same.  As a Trust, we consider each school on their own merits and consider how the addition of your school may strengthen us as a whole; either now, or for some schools on a journey of school improvement, at some point in the not too distant future.  With this in mind, we will also carry out due diligence, asking you some of the same questions you will ask us.

In LAAT we aim to make this process as transparent and as smooth as possible, with a great deal of time spent supporting you as a school.  We have a highly skilled team of experienced professionals across the directories who will be able to answer your questions as we go.

In the process of considering how you will ‘strengthen the whole’  the broad areas which the Directors will consider, in order to ensure that LAAT remains a viable organisation able to provide adequate and appropriate support to all of its schools, are:

  • Finance
  • Pupil Growth
  • Property and Land
  • Student Data
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Risk Management
  • Christian Distinctiveness
  • Community Relations
  • IT infrastructure
  • Safeguarding