Easter 2024 message from Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO of LAAT

We’re nearly there at the end of another term, but it’s also the beginning of a new season. This holiday will take us from the end of one season through Good Friday and into a time of spring and new possibilities.

Easter Sunday bursts upon us with eggs and lambs, and most importantly for a lot of us, Christ’s empty tomb. If you haven’t experienced a dawn service on Easter morning when the Pascal Candle is lit from a brazier, it’s well worth doing. Both then and today there can be a sense of futility about Good Friday. What on earth had it all been for, the triumph and entrance to Jerusalem, the miracles, the crowds, all seem empty, futile. And without the promise of Easter Sunday they would be. It’s the end result which gives the story hope and meaning, the end which is also a beginning.

It’s that way in our lives in schools too, the class who suddenly gets it, the school whose community starts to gel, the families who begin to flourish under our care.

When we languish in Good Friday it can all seem a bit pointless, it’s very easy to give up. But looking forward just three days we find wonderful meaning. The LAAT tribe loves looking forward, to see the future, to see the results of our hard work. All of our Good Friday moments. All of our determination and dedication. All that you do to contribute to the successes in all of our schools and communities. For your colleagues, for our students, for our families; let’s get excited about our own Easter Sunday moments. Our realisation that our work is not in vain, our sure knowledge that we give others, through education, a future of hope. 

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for all that you are. Thank you for your good Friday days and your Easter Sunday successes. Have a great break. God bless.