for schools

Entry criteria

In order to ensure that LAAT remains a viable organisation able to provide adequate and appropriate support to all of its school, effective due diligence will be undertaken on any school wishing to join the trust.

The areas which Directors will consider when looking at prospective schools are:

  • Finance
  • Pupil Growth
  • Property and Land
  • Student Data
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Risk Management
  • Christian Distinctiveness
  • Community Relations
  • IT infrastructure

Schools who fall below the set criteria will be asked to work (with support) to meet the criteria before joining LAAT.



  1. The salary costs to the school (annual salary plus associated costs and any remuneration packages) must not exceed 80% of the School’s Dedicated Budget Share. This excludes any temporary provision through the Pupil Premium Initiative Grant (PPIG) that is funded via an additional fixed term contract.
  2. The school must provide a viable 3 year budget plan addressing any areas of concern and highlighting assumptions made in the funding model or student number projections.  Any student projections MUST be evidenced from an independent source, e.g. Local Authority.
  3. Details of the budget spent on ICT investment over the past three years along with details of any contracts currently ongoing for IT core services and Broadband connectivity.
  4. A three year action plan for the provision of IT across the school including full costs.


  1. An up to date Conditions Survey supported with evidence that the identified Priority 1s have been addressed or to include a plan demonstrating the finance source and costed plans for addressing these priorities within a timescale.
  2. A copy of the latest suitability survey, supported by any asset management plans for any work in progress or planned works within the following 12 months.

School Attainment/Data

  1. The current Ofsted grading along with short and medium term Improvement Plans. These plans must incorporate researched costs and fees.   The Improvement Plan will need to be validated by the Diocese for accuracy.
  2. 50% of teaching must be independently evidenced as Good or Outstanding and 100% of SLT teaching must Good or Outstanding.  Evidence of monitoring arrangements and plans must be available for any teachers falling below this requirement.
  3. Pupil Data must be above floor targets and include action plans and action tracking (where appropriate) for any areas which have been performing at below floor targets.

Risk Management

  1. A copy of the school’s risk register must be provided along with all mitigating actions undertaken.

Christian Distinctiveness & Community Interaction

  1. The school must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the Christian Ethos of the school. As a minimum this must include completion of the Diocese Self Evaluation Document.
  2. The school must demonstrate how it engages with the local community through partnership working and any community support offered via the school.