Governance in LAAT Schools

Effective governance is a key element to a successful school, and Local Academy Committees provide a vital connection to the community and to the Board of Trustees. With this in mind, LAAT is committed to promoting and supporting the development of effective Local Committees within the Trust. Through the Scheme of Delegation, each Local Committee is empowered to make decisions in the best interests of the children and community it serves. For a full breakdown of the powers and responsibilities delegated to Local Boards, please see the LAAT Scheme of Delegation.

The Scheme of Delegation sets out, in detail the Governance structure, appointment process and delegated powers and responsibilities of Local Committees. 

Role of Members​
  1. Appoint and remove Directors​
  2. Receive the annual accounts​
  3. Appoint external auditors​
Role of Directors​
  1. Make all strategic decisions regarding the Trust.​
  2. Appoint and hold the CEO to account​
  3. The ultimate accountable body for all schools​
Role of the Academy Committee ​

To help the Board of Directors fulfil its core functions by: ​

1. Helping shape a vision for each school appropriate to its foundation (Anglican, Methodist, or Community) ​
  • Promoting the Academies place in its community ​
  • Helping the Board of Directors have the understanding it needs to improve outcomes for all pupils ​
  • Helping the Board of Directors have the understanding it needs to hold the CEO to account ​
2. Helping the CEO and school leader fulfil their roles by: ​
  • Supporting and challenging the school’s senior leader to improve certain aspects of the academy (see list of responsibilities) ​
  • Providing external input to processes (complaints, governor panels, recruitment, etc ​
  • Helping the School’s senior leader to understand the local community, including commerce and industry ​
  • Building links with the wider local community including parents ​
3. Looking at the school through the lens of the child: ​
  • Seeking to answer on behalf of the board and executive: “what is it like to attend this School?”​

“The Governing body still has the autonomy to work in the best interests of the school but has the support and back up of the trust when needed”

Alison Flack, Executive Head Teacher Whaplode Primary School, Weston St Mary Primary School and Edenham Primary School