Jubilee celebrations at Chestnut Street Primary

The children of Chestnut Street C of E Primary Academy celebrated the Queen’s platinum jubilee in style this week, joining in the festivities and taking part in a wide range of activities. Chestnut Street Primary, part of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT), put together a whole day of jubilee fun that the students were eager to take part in. In preparation for the big day, pupils at Chestnut Street Primary were busy making their own items to sell at the Jubilee tea party event. Crowns, bracelets, biscuits and plant pots are just some of the things that were available for purchase. 

After all their hard work, the children took part in an after-school celebration that included face painting, games, craft stalls, a raffle and much more to top off what had been such a wonderful day.

Pupils at Chestnut Street Primary showing of their bracelets, ready to be sold to the public.

Hard at work creating celebratory tote bags.

Time to relax! Students enjoy a well-deserved break, snacking on food from the street party buffet!