Kindness in action at Friskney All Saints School

The students at Friskney All Saints School, a member of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, follow a set of guidelines called the ‘Friskney 5’ – Love, trust, kindness, hope, and respect. Over the last month, pupils have been going above and beyond to show kindness to those around them. The Friskney 5 were put in place to promote the school’s Christian Values.

Before Christmas, the Year 3 and Year 4 students decided to write letters to elderly members of the community to help raise the Christmas spirit. The Lincoln Anglican Academic Trust schools have 30 things they want each child to experience, one of which is getting involved in a community project. By taking part in the letter writing, the students didn’t just meet the criteria for one of the Friskney 5, they also met the criteria for one of the LAAT’s 30 things. After a short wait, the children were thrilled to receive two letters back and learn that their kindness and thoughtfulness was appreciated.

Since being back at school after the Christmas break, Friskney All Saints has also set up a weekly buddy reading programme. Younger students are given an older ‘buddy’ to share a book with once a week. The older students are there to help and guide the younger students with their reading – again showing how dedicated these students are at following the Friskney 5.