LAAT empowers support staff through comprehensive apprenticeship programme

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT) proudly announces its ongoing commitment to advancing the careers of its colleagues, with a particular focus on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for support  staff. Currently, 30 colleagues from the Trust’s 21 schools are enrolled in apprenticeship programmes, testament to LAAT’s dedication to professional growth and development.

Underpinning LAAT’s vision for 2023 to 2025 is a robust apprenticeship strategy designed to facilitate superior progression pathways for its colleagues. The strategy emphasises providing engaging opportunities aligned with relevant learning experiences, aimed at not only reinforcing the value of apprenticeships within the Trust but also fostering a highly skilled and satisfied workforce.  

Alison, a Teaching Assistant at Magdalen CofE Primary school pursuing her Level 4 HLTA, acknowledges LAAT’s unwavering support: “LAAT supports me a lot with my course, offering valuable feedback and advice. There’s always someone who can help me.”

Central to this strategy is the cultivation of a learning culture, encouraging continuous professional development among staff members. “We firmly believe that this approach is pivotal in retaining talent and nurturing career progression beyond initial roles,” says Laura Lowe, Director of Colleague Services. “Our commitment extends to promoting lateral development opportunities that enhance job satisfaction and ultimately contribute to better outcomes for pupils,” she continued. 

LAAT is committed to ensuring that all colleagues find their roles fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding, while also aligning with apprenticeship standards and meeting the needs of the students it serves.

Samantha, a Teaching Assistant at Whaplode CofE Primary School supported through her Level 3 HLTA course, highlights the benefits of professional development: “The course I’m taking is already proving beneficial, providing me with additional insights that ultimately benefit the children.”