LAAT launches new Colleague Services initiative

With well-being and community sitting at the heart of LAAT culture, the Trust has moved to rebrand its HR Department. The newly named Colleague Services, much better describes a department that truly goes above and beyond the traditional title. Laura Lowe, Director of Colleague Services at LAAT explains the drive behind this new initiative.

“The work of The Colleague Services department is greater than just casework and employee relations management. It is a department that supports employee experience, leads cultural behaviours, and offers training and development with care and compassion. 

This new name better reflects a department which goes the extra mile to ensure that a culture of service and care is forefront showing in all it does that all staff are appreciated and valued in their roles. LAAT is steadfast in its belief that all pupils and members of staff should be supported and challenged to be the best that they can be.” 

Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO says that; “Being a part of the LAAT tribe means we strive to make staff feel appreciated and valued within their roles, knowing they are not just resources but respected individuals who are part of a unique community. Through this initiative, new and improved ways of policy, communications, recruitment, casework, surveys and employee engagement/management will be in place. “ 

This new chapter embeds the LAAT culture across every area of the trust, the impact of how each department works filters down to the 4,000 children who deserve just as much support and inspiration. 

The Trust sees the growing emphasis on the role of Colleague Services and the alignment of this with people, well-being, and culture as part of the transition plans that are already well underway.