LAAT proposes pioneering new approach to pay and appraisals

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT) is using its freedom as a multi academy trust to implement a new appraisal system that will support all staff in academies throughout the Trust with their professional development.   The proposed policy will remove the direct link between pay and appraisals, allowing space for employees to reflect on their performance during these meetings and consider the next steps in their developmental journey with their employer.  

The Trust believes that decoupling pay and appraisals will improve staff morale. 

Laura Lowe, says the proposed ‘fit for purpose’ pay and appraisal policy reflects LAAT’s commitment to investing time and resources in growth and development.  She concludes: “Feedback from staff and Unions suggests that the traditional appraisal system causes undue anxiety over pay decisions both for appraisers and appraisees. Our new system will not only remove these concerns it will also be more efficient and provide a structure which promotes open and honest discussions and allows employees’ future development to be the key focus.”

Needless to say, The Trust also acknowledges that underperformance by any member of staff must be addressed but says there are tools available to help managers and support staff which are arguably more effective when separated from pay discussions. 

The Trust is confident that this new policy approach will promote the growth and development of teachers and support staff across its academies and encourage the best outcomes for students.