Love As Action – Together charity supports students

In June The Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust announced that, during its year-long tenth anniversary celebrations, its Love As Action – Together charity had raised £14,500. And almost immediately the money raised has started making an impact, with over £1,500 already being spent on pupils experiencing barriers to learning caused by financial hardship. The funds have been allocated to provide various items including uniforms and waterproof coats, PE kits and trainers, essential food shopping, fuel cards for holiday travel support, funding for holiday activities, and even a washing machine. 

“We are acutely aware of how now, perhaps more than ever, many parents and carers in our community are struggling to provide for the children in their care. The cost of living crisis is forcing them to make difficult choices, many of which impact on the children. The “Love As Action – Together Fund was set up to combat this. Its purpose was to raise funds to support school children who face difficulties in accessing a complete educational experience. Removing obstacles, foster equality, and promote inclusivity, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive within the educational system.”

The charity embodies LAAT’s unwavering dedication to children’s well-being and a vision of equitable education. By launching this initiative, the Trust sought to extend a helping hand to those who might otherwise be held back due to circumstances beyond their control. The fund is not only a testament to the Trust’s commitment but also a reflection of the compassion and generosity of people within the LAAT community coming together to make a difference.