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St Wulfram’s National Church of England Primary School


Each and every individual is valued at St Wulfram’s National Church of England Primary School. The school’s vision is to offer outstanding education and care through high quality, engaging teaching and learning with a commitment to valuing potential in all members of the school and its community. At the heart of all work is the belief that all children are loved by God and are intrinsically unique. The school understands that all parents and carers want their child to be safe and happy, so provides a supportive, nurturing environment for the child and their family, with a strong focus on positive mental wellbeing.

Our Church School is distinctive because:
  • Everyone who works in our school supports its Christian foundation and ethos.
  • We work hard to make strong links between our school, our homes, our church and our community.
  • We care about the spiritual development of everyone in our school community.
  • We learn about 6 Core Christian values (Friendship, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Trust, Peace, Endurance) to understand what Christians believe and how we can apply them into our own lives.
  • We enjoy our Collective Worship together as part of our daily school life.
  • We share our school life with our Trustees and ministers from our local churches.

All of what we do is centred on our school motto of “Aim High Believe, Fly High Achieve” which is derived from the Bible Verse “Those who trust in the Lord will become strong again. They will be able to rise up and soar like an eagle in the sky.” Isaiah 40 v31. This is taken from one of the Christian Values. (See below for the 6 Core Christian Values and Bible References.)