OUR internal EXPERTS

Internal experts

The Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust is a community of schools, we work together to ensure, we are always improving. We all know retaining a GOOD OFSTED rating is NOT about staying the same, it’s all about constant improvement. So, as well as using External Experts, we also look for experts within the Trust; shining stars that we can nurture so that they can share their skills and experience to, not only, improve the education of the children in our care but also the careers of the staff in our employ.

Associate Trust Leads

These are advisory roles that reflect the Trust’s desire to use the existing skills and expertise of its leaders, to drive forward crucial aspects of school improvement, in order to ensure excellent experiences, opportunities and support for the children within our schools.

These roles are fulfilled by our serving HTs and Executive Headteachers to ensure that current educational developments and innovations feed our Trust practice from those serving on the front line of education.

Lianne Cook – Associate Lead for Early Years

I am delighted to have been appointed as the Trust Associate Lead for Early Years. I bring to this role a wealth of experience as an early years practitioner and leader, both here in Lincolnshire and also, for many years, in Surrey.  I have a passion for Early Years and have had the privilege to work with practitioners of all levels of experience to develop best practice, high quality curriculum offers and learning environments to enable children to become independent, inquisitive learners. 

I joined LAAT in 2016 as the Early Years and KS1 Leader and SENCO at Ruskington Chestnut Street C of E Primary Academy as they were beginning their Trust journey. During my four years at Chestnut Street, I took on the role of Assistant Headteacher, and later, Head of School. In 2020, I was appointed Headteacher at Branston C of E Infant Academy. Having worked with the team in-house to transform the EYFS curriculum and learning spaces on offer to our children, we now host leadership and network meetings for Trust leaders and practitioners. 

I am passionate about supporting Trust Headteachers and Executive Headteachers to develop their knowledge of the EYFS curriculum and statutory requirements for assessment. As part of my Associate Lead role, I have the pleasure of leading our well-established Early Years Network meetings, ensuring all our early years practitioners have high-quality, bespoke training and the opportunity to share best practice. 

Diane Mulley – Associate Lead for Safeguarding

As a Head Teacher within the Trust at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School I am passionate about education and encouraging children to be engaged and inspired by learning in order to succeed and achieve.  This includes promoting the welfare of pupils, ensuring all are happy and safe and in the right place to learn.  I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work with other members of the Trust as part of this role and building on the strong safeguarding culture that is already in place.  

Emily Hill – Associate Lead for Pupil Premium

I am passionate about improving the access, attainment and aspirations of our most vulnerable children in school.  As Deputy Headteacher of Spalding Parish, I am responsible for Pupil Premium allocation. 

I use a coaching approach to support teachers and other adults in school to help them make improvements to their teaching. As DDSL, I also work closely with many vulnerable families and strive to support them to achieve the best outcomes for their children. 

I enjoy supporting other schools across the Trust to ensure we all give the ‘First and Best’ of ourselves to those who need it most.  

Emma Barford – Associate Lead for Curriculum

I am Emma Barford from Canon Peter Hall C of E Primary School in Immingham. With 11 years of classroom experience under my belt, working across all primary phases, and a passion for curriculum design, I have been invited to undertake the role of Associate Lead to the Trust for Curriculum. I have a passion for understanding more about the science behind how our brains acquire new knowledge, link it to existing knowledge and readily retrieve it with automaticity and at will. Essentially, learning how we learn, and creating a curriculum underpinned by these principles, has become a passion of mine and a real labour of love.


The Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) is the Church of England and Methodist Church’s outworking of the requirements of section 48 of the Education Act 2005. It is a key element of the life of all Church of England and Methodist schools in England. SIAMS explores ways in which each school’s theologically rooted Christian vision drives its work and enables the school to live up to its foundation as a Church school. It does so by seeking to answer six or (in the case of Voluntary Aided schools) seven Inspection Questions.

george trafford

I have been working and leading church schools since 2002 and am currently Executive Headteacher of three schools in the trust. In addition to supporting a school towards church school status, I have lead schools to the outstanding SIAMS inspection grade (previous inspection schedule). As a registered SIAMs inspector, I am able to offer my skills to be able to support schools in our trust to understand how their theologically rooted vision drives its work and enables it to live up to its foundation as a church school. 

 I am keen to support colleagues across the trust and governors so that they can effectively self-evaluate their school against the current SIAMs framework. I am passionate about how schools can work in tandem with their local parish to build strong Christian communities working together with the children and families that they serve.

Specialist Subject Advisers

This is essentially our Trust’s version of a ‘specialist Leader in Education (SLE),’ a model familiar in education currently held by some staff within the Trust already. The role or Specialist Subject Advisers is to promote excellence within a curriculum subject, or area, in order to share good practice between schools to ensure children receive teaching and learning of the highest quality, improving outcomes for all.

This role complements the Leader’s substantive role and allow them to develop and share their expertise within the Trust for specified days each academic year. All of our current Specialist Advisers are serving subject leaders in schools to ensure that their advice and guidance is relevant and up to date.

Marie Sharpe – Maths

My name is Marie Sharpe, and I am proud to work at Branston Church of England Infants Academy where I currently teach a mixed Year One and Two class and am also the Maths and Science lead.   I have worked in education for 20 years and have extensive experience in teaching Foundation Stage and KS1 children. 

My passion for teaching maths is to keep learning as practical and progressive as possible. I firmly believe in the mastery approach to learning and feel that all pupils are able to progress successfully when the journey and small steps are in place.  I aim to make maths lessons as fun and enjoyable as possible to foster a lifelong love for maths.

Katie Woadden – English 

My name is Katie Woadden and I have been teaching for sixteen years, the last five of which at East Ravendale C of E Primary School. I currently teach a mixed Year Three and Four class and I am subject leader for English.

I am over the moon to be appointed Specialist Subject Advisor for English and I am keen to work alongside others to ensure the best possible offers in reading and writing within our schools. As an avid reader myself, developing a reading for pleasure culture in schools is something I am incredibly passionate about. I am eager to support other schools in ensuring their English curriculum allows our pupils to become excited by the magic of words!

Michael Brown – History

I have been at East Ravendale since Easter 2022 and have worked in education since 2017. I have had roles from Senior Teacher to SENCo and am now Subject Lead for History and Maths at East Ravendale where I enjoy promoting and supporting these subjects in all year groups.  

History was always my favourite subject at School and I love engaging children with fun, exciting lessons, promoting a love of History in all students throughout Ravendale. In my role, I am looking forward to advancing outstanding History teaching in all schools, supporting staff and fostering a lifelong love of History.

Becky Hall – Phonics and Early Reading 

I have been at Chestnut Street since November 2017. I’m the early years leader, phonics lead and history lead at my school. 

I am passionate about Phonics and the development of children’s reading journey and strive to ensure that children develop the skills but also the passion for a lifetime love of reading.

Aaron Robinson – Design and Technology

Class Teacher and Design and Technology Subject Leader at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School and a Design and Technology Subject Advisor for the LAAT.

I believe that DT is a subject that not all teachers are super confident with and so, in my role, I am hoping to not only ensure that children receive high quality teaching and learning but that it is also taught by confident and knowledgeable teachers.

Annabel Cooper – EYFS

I work at Spalding Parish CofE Primary school within EYFS and also lead Phonics and Reading throughout the school.  Although I have extensive experience working with Early Years I have been leading EYFS at my current school since September 2021 and had the privilege to work with an amazing team who strive to adapt and improve our practice on a daily basis.  Prior to this I have been a KS1 and EYFS lead in various schools and therefore have a range of knowledge of different schools and their practices.  I am currently studying to gain my Wholistic Coaching qualification which has greatly supported me in not only my personal life but also in how I manage the demands of every day school life.  I am extremely excited to be appointed as the Associate Lead for EYFS and to work with the different schools and teams within the Trust as we continue to learn together.

Claire Hearth – Science

I work at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School. I have been subject leader for Science here for a number of years and enjoy promoting the subject across school. 

I believe that all children, when taught well, can love Science and look forward to continuing their studies when they transfer to secondary school.  In my role, I am looking forward to working with the Associate Lead for Science in supporting children’s love of Science and also the subject knowledge and confidence of teachers.

Katey Robinson – Maths

I am a Year 4 Teacher, LKS2 Phase Lead and Maths Leader at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School. I have completed the NPQML focusing on improving Maths, Maths Specialist Teacher programme and I am a NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead.

As a Maths Lead, I have enjoyed the networking opportunities provided by the Trust and am looking forward to supporting my maths colleagues across the Trust.