Plan for the future

It is our aim to ensure that schools joining the LAAT have access to all the core services that they need. The majority of these are provided by in-house personnel, who are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their respective areas.

Build expertise

Our progress is a story of organic growth, we are constantly looking to improve and strengthen our offering to our family of schools. We continue to build capacity in our educational expertise not only in our team of experts but also in the development of strategically important relationships with the Lincolnshire Teaching Hub, the English Hub, STEM and The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership as a delivery partner for the suite of NPQ courses.

Sustainable growth

Our proposed plans for growth over the next four years would see LAAT grow from 18 schools to 30 schools, with a focus on growing sustainably, continuing to build on our hub model and gaining traction in the localities that we are currently working in.