Positive and remarkable change at St Wulfram’s says new SIAMS report

St Wulfram’s School has been praised for its exceptional progress and nurturing environment in a recent SIAMS inspection report. The report highlights a “feeling of calm and mutual encouragement” upon entering the school, reflecting the significant improvements made by the leadership team and the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT). SIAMS recognised the school’s swift transformation and sustainable improvements.

High praise was given to the leadership team, described as passionate and empathetic towards the school community. The report noted, “Leaders are passionate about their role, driven by a sincere commitment and empathy for members of the school community.” The close relationship with the Trust was credited with bringing about rapid change, and described as having “a complementary vision” that “enhances additional support, guidance, and challenge.”

The school’s pastoral care was also commended for effectively meeting children’s needs and increasing attendance. Initiatives such as the ‘forest school’ and art therapy were highlighted for their positive impact on students who find classroom life challenging.

The staff’s resilience and dedication were acknowledged, with SIAMS noting that “Staff hold leaders in high regard because of the care shown to them. Despite going through a period of challenge and change, staff are resilient and inspired to do their best for the school and its pupils.” The mental health and well-being of staff have been enhanced through various services provided by LAAT.

Executive Headteacher, Gareth Smith commented; “ I am delighted with the outcome of our recent SIAMS inspection as it really showcases all of the hard work, dedication and care that our staff give to our pupils, school and the wider community. It is a real validation of all of the hard work that everyone has put into our school and shows the clear direction that our school is moving”.

In conclusion, SIAMS found that St Wulfram’s had “A deep understanding of what is at the heart of being a Church school has ensured leaders make astute evaluations” and “was living up to its foundation as a Church school.”

Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO of LAAT, expressed her pride, stating, “We are delighted with the positive feedback St Wulfram’s received in the SIAMS inspection. As a Church of England Trust, we work closely with officers, directors, and headteachers at each school to establish core values, a strong Christian vision, and comprehensive guiding principles that foster a spiritual and supportive environment for both pupils and staff.”