Raising aspirations at William Lovell CofE Academy

A pastoral provision project at William Lovell CofE Academy in Lincolnshire, led by a renowned motivational mentor, is aiming to raise the aspirations of a group of, 9 and 10 students who may need extra encouragement to engage in learning. The 10-week programme of mentoring sessions are being run by Anthony Daulphin, founder of the Standing Ovation Project, which has gained a reputation within the education sector for inspiring children and young people through the creative arts and pastoral support.  

The sessions were initiated by LAAT in collaboration with the school’s pastoral team. The project reflects the importance both the Trust and the school place on providing pastoral support that can make a real difference to students’ lives and learning, particularly those who may have vulnerable backgrounds or may need extra support.  

As a boy from a challenging family background who now runs a successful business supporting schools across the UK, Anthony Daulphin uses his real-life experience to show young people that you don’t have to let your social background or family circumstances define you and your future. His sessions at William Lovell are a mix of discussions, in which students can share their feelings with total honesty in a safe space, and practical tasks designed to build confidence and self-esteem. Anthony Daulphin explains: “I encourage them to recognise and value their own unique personality and talents – or what I describe as their Individual Pots of Treasure – because everyone has something to offer.” 

During the sessions the students are invited to participate in tasks such as writing their own definitions of words like aspiration and opportunity and to explore what these words mean to them personally and in the wider world. In other tasks, they are asked to talk about who inspires them and consider what sort of qualities they admire or respect in their role models. 

The project at William Lovell has generated encouraging feedback. Anthony Daulphin says: “It is very rewarding to hear from parents who have seen a positive change in their children during the programme and I hope that all those who participated have found it a worthwhile experience.”

Summing up, Mr Hutton, Headteacher of William Lovell CofE Academy, says he is incredibly proud to share the success of the school’s pastoral provision project led by Anthony Daulphin which aims to support students to understand the opportunities they have with education and to think positively about their future opportunities. 

Mr Hutton comments: “The feedback from parents has been positive and students are changing their outlook and attitudes and are on the journey to being the best versions of themselves. We place a high value on providing pastoral support for all our students, particularly those who may find it difficult to motivate themselves at times. The support from our Trust has ensured that students are receiving the very best guidance and mentorship available which complements the tireless endeavour of the schools Wellbeing Team and Aspirational Leaders.  The work has built confidence, self-esteem and enabled our students to recognise their own unique personalities and talents, demonstrating that everyone has something to offer. The skills and positive mindset they have gained through this programme will continue to benefit them in their future academic and personal endeavours.”