Star pupils wins Rotary Award

A student at Ruskington Chestnut Street C of E Primary Academy, part of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, has become the first person to receive a Rotary Stars Award from Sleaford Rotary Club. The school have teamed up with Sleaford Rotary Club to recognise and reward children for acts of good citizenship. 

Verity, a pupil at Ruskington Chestnut Street C of E Primary Academy, won the award because of the support and help she gives to her younger sister who has complex and severe disabilities.

Rotary Stars is a project which recognises and rewards Primary School age children for acts of good citizenship. Pupils are nominated by teachers who, in their view, have been exceptionally good citizens by putting others before themselves, caring for others, working hard and being courteous.

To congratulate Verity on her achievement, an assembly was held in school. With her parents in attendance, Verity was presented with a certificate and badge given to her by Lissie – a Sleaford Rotary Club member.

Every single day Verity steps up to take care of her sister. Her responsibilities range from helping Lydia with her physiotherapy, spoon-feeding her meals, attempting to teach Lydia to talk and so much more.

Verity has voluntarily taken it upon herself to shoulder these responsibilities and performs them every day with enthusiasm and without complaint. 

Going beyond the work Verity puts in to caring for Lydia, most of all she’s a great sister. Verity entertains Lydia on car journeys, playing with her, singing to her, making her laugh and feeding her snacks. She is her sister’s biggest advocate, most fervent defender and best friend.