Start of Term Message

Welcome Back! 

It’s so good to have everyone back in school. 

It’s especially good to see all the work that has gone on whilst some of you have been away.  

We’ve got new LED lighting, fire doors, external and internal decorations, fencing, trim trails, outside gyms, hall floors and much more – if you’ve been one of the schools who have had work done, thank you for your patience and enjoy! If you’re not it will be your turn next. Julian has more projects in the pipeline! 

We are all praying that this school year will give us the opportunity to really concentrate on meeting the need of all our children and young people face to face. We can hope that they will be able, once more to engage, undisturbed, in activities, play and social interaction.  

So, enjoy the new freedoms but do please stay safe. 

God Bless.

Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO, Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust