Summer 2024 message from Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO of LAAT

Well, there are lots of ways we can look at this school year, but as this one ends I like to think that it’s been one of possibilities. 

With so many of our staff taking up the opportunities of apprenticeships and NPQs, with so much interest in LAAT as an exciting home for those schools considering joining a MAT, with new Directors, with so many curriculum and extra curriculum opportunities for our children and young people, it’s been a year where we’ve taken up the challenges and motored on always looking to build a better future for those in the Tribe.

It’s like I say when I introduce the LAAT window – we can look out of it to see the future we want to build – and that’s just what you’ve all been doing.

I know it’s hard to do that. There are so many pressures on us all. For LAAT staff and for parents, as we worry about finances or continual change or family or health. It’s sometimes hard for you pupils too, as you look around and see a world that seems so complicated and divided. Our world is changing but, at LAAT, we are all working together to ensure that it is a world that we are all ready for. Our digital apprentices, our World of Work opportunities for pupils, are part of that picture, and I am so grateful to all of you who have embraced them.

So a busy year, but a successful year. As we go into the summer holiday there will be those who we have had to say goodbye to, there will be excitement and trepidation about new schools, new classes, new friends and colleagues. There are going to be new schools to welcome into the tribe. But before we get to that, please take some time to enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your friends and families, rest, relax and remember the God who loves us all.

I’ll see most of you next year, but for those moving on you take with you all the love and best wishes of the LAAT tribe.

So, until September, God bless.