Vision, values and aims

Our Vision

Our Excellence, Exploration and Encouragement powered by Equity vision statement encapsulates the Trust we are today and the Trust we aspire to be in the future. It has meaningful resonance with the work we do and our commitment to overcoming the social inequality faced by our children and young people. We are passionate about improving the life chances of every child in our care, meeting them where they are.

The LAAT window allows us to see:
  • The past, on which we build
  • The present, for us and for others
  • The future we seek to become. 

Grounded in faith, we seek to see and understand all in our diverse communities and beyond.

Every pupil has the right to flourish; academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, through an educational experience based on Excellence, Exploration and Encouragement.

Every pupil has the right to receive what they need. And every child will need different things at different times. Providing this, is Equity at work.

Excellence, Exploration and Encouragement powered by Equity.



These are not values we aspire to, they are the words that members of our tribe have used to describe our Trust. They are our DNA. They inform every action and decision we take. To our staff they are the standards by which we operate, to our leaders they are our code of conduct.


We will:

  • Transform the chances of individual pupils

  • Use the collective strength within the Trust and other schools in the Diocese of Lincoln

  • Be fully inclusive to all

  • To support and develop all staff to be the best that they can be

  • Be sustainable through the expertise within the organisation, through partnership with our current good or better schools and external partners

  • Bring strength, motivation and purpose through the belief that every child should be enabled to be all that God intended

  • Be distinctive and unique in character relevant to the context

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