Wainfleet Magdalen Primary School makes history with silver award

The Magdalen Church of England/Methodist Primary School in Wainfleet, a member of the Lincolnshire Anglican Academy Trust, one of the first schools in Lincolnshire to win a Silver Quality Mark from The Historical Association, a registered charity that supports the teaching, learning and enjoyment of history at all levels. The prestigious award recognises excellence in history provision in schools following a rigorous assessment procedure. Magdalen was assessed by an experienced, independent Historical Association appointed assessor, who spent time in school, scrutinising documentation, quizzing staff and students and observing lessons.

Sarah Jones, Magdalen’s history subject leader, said: “When I became subject leader, I recognised there were lots of things we were doing well, but also identified areas where there was room to develop. I decided to look for a challenge and to seek recognition for what the school did well.  I saw this as an opportunity to review where we were in our teaching of history and reflect on how we wanted to further develop our curriculum.”

In his final report, Andrew Lane, the assessor, noted that staff had commented that since Sarah had taken over as subject leader, history had become a greater focus in the curriculum and gained a much higher status in the school.  He added: “The teachers have a good understanding of what outcomes are expected and are being applied consistently well through the school.”   

Andrew also mentioned that the school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) had commented that having completed the Quality Mark, the quality of subject leadership across other areas of the curriculum had also improved. The SLT supports the subject leader effectively through providing time out of class to conduct work scrutinies, lesson observations and analysis of data. Issues arising from the tracking are supported by focussed CPD. The subject leader also works very closely with parents and the Governing Body.  A recent parental survey showed that 93% of parents were satisfied with history in the school and that children are engaged and understand the importance and relevance of studying history.

Summing up the school’s success, Sarah Jones said: “Representatives from the school will be invited to receive their Silver Quality Mark at the Historical Association’s Annual Awards Evening, which we are very much looking forward to. And now that we have been awarded the Silver Quality Mark, we are eligible to be reassessed within twelve months and will endeavour to be upgraded to Gold.”

As a member of the Lincolnshire Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT), Magdalen Church of England/Methodist Primary School benefits from a wide range of operational and strategic support services. LAAT is a multi-academy trust, set up by the Diocese of Lincoln in 2013, to build a mutually supportive family of academies in Greater Lincolnshire who support each other in providing the very best outcomes for their pupils.