We celebrate outstanding colleague satisfaction survey results

High levels of colleague satisfaction and workplace wellbeing have been highlighted in our annual colleague survey. Notably, 94% of the team reported a strong sense of being part of a team, while 89% acknowledged feeling respected, a reassuring 88% feel fairly treated, and 85% of colleagues feel satisfied with work-life balance

The survey results support our ongoing efforts to ensure that colleague voices are not only heard but also incorporated into meaningful actions, fostering a supportive environment for both colleagues and students. Feedback from our colleagues included comments such as, “Good to see positive action being taken following feedback from the previous year’s survey.” and “The Trust is a highly supported and forward-thinking place to work and be part of. I feel extremely privileged to work at LAAT and I’m keen to keep developing as the Trust continues to grow”. 

Additionally, colleagues appreciate the diverse range of training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities available. “The Trust care about our well-being and provide a huge range of highly focussed, relevant CPD. I love working for the LAAT!” and “we are given lots of opportunities as colleague to develop through CPD”

The team also had the opportunity to highlight areas where they felt improvements could be made. Laura Lowe, Director of Colleague Services says, “We take every comment on board and work hard to address them all, however it’s worth noting ELT is always open to feedback, it doesn’t have to be a once a year thing!” 

In tandem with the positive feedback, comparisons with the previous year’s survey demonstrate our consistent commitment to actively address feedback within each school and across the central teams, demonstrating our dedication to valuing the input of our colleagues.  The team also highlighted the advantages of the extensive network of schools within the Trust, emphasising the enhanced collaboration, networking opportunities, and innovative processes that stem from this broader community. 

Jackie Waters-Dewhurst, CEO, comments “We are a formidable tribe and our colleagues truly form the heart of it, with their happiness directly influencing the atmosphere and, consequently, the student’s experience. Witnessing such positive figures from all schools within the Trust in this year’s survey fills me with immense pride.”  She continues “there is always room for improvement, and whilst we are thrilled with this year’s results we will be aiming high for next year’s results too.”