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Joining the Trust

Schools who choose to join do so for the following reasons:

  • To be part of something bigger

  • To strengthen and develop leadership

  • To work collectively in order to deliver excellence

  • To benefit from talent management and high-quality professional development

  • As a mechanism to share resources, best practise, expertise

  • As a vehicle to support other schools

  • To further develop governance

  • To meet business management needs to allow the school to concentrate on teaching and learning

  • To be able to contribute strategically to a larger organisation

  • To deal with underperformance when it arises

Strategic opportunities

Schools in the LAAT benefit from:

School Improvement

LAAT supports school improvement by:

  • Talent management and staff development
  • Network of Associate Leads and Subject Specialist Advisors
  • Monitoring of standards
  • Opportunities for shared INSET and training
  • Headteacher Growth and Development
  • Monitoring of standards

With support for HR, Finance, Health and Safety, Estates, Governance and legal responsibilities taken care of centrally, more school time and energy can be spent on teaching and learning.

Be part of something bigger

For small schools in particular there is often benefit from being part of a bigger group. In part this can be achieved through federation, collaboration, local collaborative trusts, etc. but a Multi Academy Trust provides a sustainable legal structure through which a school can gain by both receiving support and offering support to others. LAAT increases schools sustainability and security as well as providing mechanisms for school improvement.

LAAT provides opportunities to contribute strategically to an organisation which has children at its centre. Our Trust passionately believes that staff are our greatest asset and should be provided with opportunities for development. We are dedicated to ensuring that our schools recruit and retrain staff of the highest quality.

Shared vision and values

A STRONG shared vision supports the raising of standards. LAAT gives opportunities to work to strengthen vision and values within your school by:

  • Working with schools that share our vision and values
  • Gaining experience, skills and ideas to strengthen vision and values within the school
  • Sharing your vision and values outside of your school

Staff CPD

A system of talent management within the LAAT enables us to support the development of all staff.

The Trust provides opportunities from initial Teacher training to supporting Headteachers who wish to take on Executive or system leadership roles.

We also provide opportunities for staff to become NLEs, LLEs or SLEs exist within the Trust and employees can benefit from experiencing education in more than one setting.

Furthermore, we offer apprenticeships within the trust to provide skills and knowledge needed to build future careers. We believe hands-on training gives young people a real chance to put their skills into practice and helps gain more confidence in a working environment.

Together, this means:

  • Improved staff retention
  • Improved staff confidence
  • Improved staff performance

Business management

Central business management support will:

  • Provide savings through economies of scale
  • Free resources/time/energies within schools to concentrate on teaching and learning
  • Allow for better use of resources across the whole of LAAT


Being part of LAAT allows for the sharing of resources:

  • Human
  • Material
  • Financial
  • Skills and expertise

Working together within LAAT

In addition to the school improvement programme all schools within the LAAT family are expected to contribute to one or more of the following across LAAT:

  • Development and maintenance of school policies
  • Sharing of best practice
  • Mentoring of teaching staff
  • Mentoring of support staff
  • Recruitment, training and appraisal of Governors for the Local Governing Bodies

Working together outside of LAAT

LAAT and Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education actively encourages all of its schools to collaborate, regardless of whether or not they are Academies.

Schools and Academies who are not currently within LAAT can also purchase services from the Trust.

What schools can expect

  1. For every school seeking to join LAAT due diligence is carried out to ensure that LAAT can provide the appropriate support to all of its schools. Read more
  2. In consultation with each school LAAT produces an appropriate school improvement package to fit the needs of that particular school. Each package brings about:
    The raising and sustaining of standards
    Financial growth
  3. Talent management and staff development
    Monitoring and challenge – a critical friend
    Raised expectations of teachers, pupils and parents
    Accelerated learning to close gaps
    High aspirations within school and community
  4. Our core HR, Finance and Operations Team with named contacts who you can trust to give you accurate and consistent advice.

“We work collaboratively to ensure an improvement in outcomes for children. This is achieved through monitoring and reviews, MAT discussions, sharing of good practice through open and honest discussions, where support is always available”

Sandy Khana Head of School Coningsby St Michael’s Church of England Primary School