Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary School brings global stories to life with Lyfta

Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary School, a member of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (LAAT), is pioneering a new approach to education by integrating the innovative online resource Lyfta into its curriculum. This initiative, led by Executive Headteacher Ann-Marie Wilson and Lyfta Lead Darrell Brown, aims to enhance students’ understanding of global cultures and diversity through powerful human stories and interactive experiences.

Lyfta offers students virtual access to diverse stories from around the world, transforming the classroom into a global learning hub. By connecting with these stories, students at Wrawby St. Mary’s are able to gain invaluable cultural insights and engage in meaningful discussions that broaden their perspectives.

The school has introduced a weekly session called ‘Lyfta Time,’ which has become a cornerstone of their educational approach. Every Thursday, Key Stage Two (KS2) students gather to explore Lyfta’s content, while younger learners engage with age-appropriate materials in their classrooms. These sessions are designed to align with British values and spark rich discussions about global cultures.

Students have responded enthusiastically to Lyfta Time, expressing an appreciation for global stories and enjoying the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions. Older students have particularly valued the lively discussions and the chance to not only see the world through others people’s eyes, but through soundscapes and other interactive tools.

The success of Lyfta at Wrawby St. Mary’s CE Primary is just the beginning. After initially selecting story-worlds that would compliment RE and geography curriculums, the school plans to further integrate Lyfta. This will provide even more students with the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and become informed, empathetic global citizens. The Lyfta resource is now utilised by all schools within the trust, ensuring every child can explore the vastness of the global community without judgment.

“The incorporation of Lyfta has been a remarkable transformation for our school,” said Darrell Brown, Lyfta Lead at Wrawby St. Mary’s. “It’s crucial to lift our children beyond their local environment and show them the endless possibilities the world holds. Lyfta has been instrumental in achieving this, and we are excited to expand its use across all LAAT schools.”

Lyfta has been instrumental in advancing LAAT’s DEI strategy by making global learning accessible and age-appropriate for all students. With the support of Lyfta’s immersive resources, students can engage deeply with specific topics, experiencing a level of interaction that was previously unattainable.